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Cobra Royal is a cardiovascular device following the principles of waterskiing.

Can be compared to a simultaneous practice of squats and rowing machine. Abs, glutes, thighs, the lower back and arms are intensively used. The shocks are minimized and thus the articulations are preserved.

Cobra offers a complete and rapid training. A 20-minute session allows you to work efficiently your body and your cardiovascular endurance.

When the use of several equipment and a long working session are usually needed to get results, Cobra provides those results in a better and faster way.

To follow up on your progress, rise challenges and get in touch with your coach, you will get access to your own account on MyAuralys.

From Cobra Royal to MyAuralys application

Once your workout done on Cobra Royal, the data generated can be transfered into the Auralys web application called My Auralys.

In SPA and hotels, coaches transfer your exercise via usb key daily or weekly. Users don't have to worry about, they easily can login at home to track their performance.

My Auralys application enables coaches to customize exercise they can import into Cobra Royal.

Training with Cobra Royal

Quick weight loss
Buttock muscles and abdominals
Sculpt buttocks and abdominals
Buttock and quadriceps
Intense training body
Buttock muscles
Arms and quadriceps
A fast complete and efficient workout
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